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(Oxfam Bookshops just email, phone or post your order through. We will send you the cards with a delivery note and invoice Newcastle for you.)

packs of postcards/badges/fridge magnets: (UK) one pack = 15 postcards/badges/ 5 fridge magnets £4.95

carriage and VAT included minimum order 10 packs

Europe : 15 postcards/badges @ 36p = £5.40
Rest of World :15 postcards/badges @ 39p = £5.85
from Edit on your toolbar :'Select All', 'Copy' 'Paste' in the body of the email
Put in your selection, 'Send'

or just send an email: telling us what you want and where to send it!

Please include or order by just by title - much easier and safer - can always work out a typo in a word but in a number - never! Thank you


We now do a range of 1" badges and 2.25" powerful round fridge magnets of many of our designs - note **bd or *fm by title to see if available. Just add the prefix to your order eg

LP693 Why Should I Tidy - postcard

BD693 Why Should I Tidy - badge

FM693 Why Should I Tidy - Fridge Magnet


LP996 Pressures *fm

LP994 Rosa Luxemburg
LP993Living on the Edge *fm
LP992 Rebellion *fm
LP991 Keep Britain Tory
LP990 Be the Change

LP989 No Such Things *fm

LP988 Zora Neale Hurston

LP987 Visiting Rights *fm

LP986 I didn't vote for either
LP985 Twitter Not Enough

LP984 Wasted *fm/**bd

LP983 LOL-free zone *fm/**bd

LP982 Cameron Dot to Dot *fm
LP981 Bankers



LP980 Count on the US *fm

LP979 day to day *fm

LP977 Shafted
LP976 What Happens *fm/**bd

LP975 keep it real *fm/**bd

LP972 Huge Sum
LP971 keep calm *fm/**bd
LP970 Too Far *fm
LP969 Tripping her up
LP968 Nothing to Lose
LP967 Change the World *fm

LP965 Resist the Work Ethic *fm/**bd

LP964 Blair - Peace Envoy! *fm

LP962 Think of it always *fm

LP961 Walk Beside *fm
LP959 Not Young Enough *fm/**bd




LP956 Roll on the day

LP955 Extremely easy *fm
LP948 Stupid Wicked
LP946 Life *fm/**bd
LP945 Capitalism
LP942 Melting Pot
LP937 Colette
P936 Che *fm
LP931 Ban Hunting for Good
LP929 Socialist Ten Commandments
LP928 for the health of the chicken
LP927 peace speaks *fm/**bd
LP926 atrocities/absurdities *fm/**bd
LP923 The Only Thing *fm
LP919 Mistakes



LP918 'Things we know we know'
LP917 Go with the Flow *fm/**bd

LP916 Yellow Submarine

LP914 It's Dangerous
LP912 The US Think on the Right

LP907 They're only animals *fm

LP906 God wants to Know
LP905 Peace/Einstein *fm/**bd
LP903 Activism *fm/**bd
LP902 Unique
LP901 Attack *fm
LP900 Horrible Warning *fm/**bd
LP898 Really Funny *fm/**bd
LP895 Peace Dove *fm/**bd
LP894 Resistance *fm/**bd



LP893 Errors *fm
LP892 Don't Let Them
LP891 Don't Vote *fm/**bd
LP890 Meat is Murder *fm/**bd
LP889 One Condition
LP888 I Believe
LP887 I Think
LP886 Women - Vital Stats *fm
LP877 100% Birthday *fm
LP876 Dance
LP874 If You can (dog)
LP868 Begin it Now*fm
LP867 The Time will Come

LP866 Be Realistic *fm/**bd

LP865 Respect the Difference *fm/**bd




Daddy - What did you do?

Vispl26 Women Take Over
Vispom2120 Witches' Coven
VisB1785 yin yang cats
VisArg2 Gandhi/Civilisation
Vis 006 Walk/Sing
Vis 004 Homeland Security
Vis 3147 Shit Job
Dct5504 Better in the Shop
Dct5067 Powerful Erotic
Dct5014 Feminism Encourages
Dct1758 Embarrassing
Dct1707 In Her Prime
Dct1057 Rel truths/Shit Happens
CT450 between me and insanity
CT379 Start Each Day
CT350 Ruined by your parents
CT320 The Bidding /Leaders
CT314 Those who are late
CT290 Stuff Work
CT181 If a child lives/criticism
CT173 Babysitter
CT170 Cannot Eat Money
CT120 Differentiate /doormat

BZct13331 Chic Choc

LP862 Practise random
LP857 The Sooner

LP855 Never Sleep.. Crazier

LP850 Your Birthday has been cancelled
LP767 Successful man/surprised woman *fm/**bd
LP693 Why Should I Tidy My Room? *fm/**bd
LP643 Post Patriarchy *fm/**bd
LP544 Post Communism
LP496 One Day...Martin Luther King
LP392 We Can Do It *fm/**bd
LP349 When I Give Food to the Poor
LP282 Hope & Optimism
LP251 Rich More / Poor Less *fm
LP248 Feminists Because
LP247 Low Pay Sexist Difference *fm/**bd
LP063 Pastor Niemoller Quote


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