Christine Hankinson writes:
'I voted yes to joining EU in 1975. I am the same generation as Corbyn and was a Bennite at the time but I felt that the 2% chance of U.K. becoming a socialist utopia was swamped by the 98% chance it would become closer to the USA and a low tax de-rugulated cowboy land.
I would rather then and now be a European, culturally, politically with my feet under the big table helping to make the rules to keep the greediest capitalists out, the ones who funded Leave and the tories and ukip. For yourselves your children and your children's children do everything you can to exit Brexit. And get it through to Corbyn et al that the 'will of the people' in the context of the referendum is Right-wing cant. They know better....time for them to fight for the future they have promised the young. They can no longer indulge in the luxury of oppositional ideological dreams, this is serious. We can all live by socialism in our daily lives- I do, but at the moment there is a capitalist monster to be slayed for which we need the aid and protection of Europe. Heed the cry: Exit Brexit.'
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